Instrument and equipment cover for members of the MU

About the Musicians’ Union £3,000 Musical Instrument and Equipment Insurance Scheme - MU £3K Cover

Being aware that the loss or theft or damage of an essential instrument or piece of kit not only prevents a musician from earning a living but also has an emotional and personal impact which cannot be valued in financial terms alone.

Recognising the importance of these tools of the trade, the MU and Hencilla negotiated this membership benefit in 2005 which offers every paid-up member access to £3,000 worth of musical instrument and related equipment cover anywhere in the world.

All paid up members of the Musicians’ Union resident in the UK are entitled to register for £3,000 Musicians’ Union Musical Instrument and Related Musical Equipment Insurance Scheme (MU£3K Cover).

Members can also claim up to £200 per incident (maximum £500 during the annual period of insurance) should you need to hire alternative equipment and instruments.

Provided that you have registered and received a policy schedule, your Musical Instruments and Related Musical Equipment will be insured against loss, damage or theft anywhere in the world up to £3,000 (in any annual period) subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

Claims are subject a policy excess of £150, and £350 for claims involving laptops, personal computers or tablets.

The facility is administered by Hencilla Canworth GI Ltd, with the cover itself provided by Allianz Musical Insurance, a trading name of Allianz Insurance plc.

To register and get cover

MU Specified Instrument/equipment Cover

Any MU member requiring cover for musical instruments and equipment above £3,000 can do so by insuring selected instrument categories. Members will receive a unique discount and exclusive rates when buying MU Specified Instrument/equipment Cover .

NOTE : Once MU Specified Instrument/equipment Cover has been arranged on specified items, members will lose the right to claim under the MU £3K Cover

There is a nil excess on claims, apart from the first £100 of each claim involving computer equipment and mobile phones and the first £25 of each claim involving in-ear monitors, earbuds and headphones. These excess apply apart from where another amount is stated on the customers schedule.

Cover is available online on sums insured up to £150,000.

About Hencilla

Since 1981 Hencilla Canworth GI Ltd has a long history of arranging bespoke insurance solutions and pride ourselves on the quality of our advice and the friendliness of our service.

About the Musicians Union (MU)

Having been originally founded as the Amalgamated Musicians’ Union in 1893, the Musicians Union has been campaigning for improved conditions and providing advice and a wide range of benefits ever since to now around 30,000 members.

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